Wednesday, June 20, 2012


No one can ever say I was not open and frank with my children about words they have heard on the play ground.  I have been told by one of my son's friends that I lap book curse words with them.  Where did he get that from oh that's right the F word.

Zach came home with the F word and asked me what it meant.  So being who I am I went to the Internet found a 30 page dissertation on wikipida on the word, printed it and started reading it with Zach.  About 5 pages in Zach stopped me and said " Mom, if I promise to never say that word, can we stop now?"  If I hear that word from his mouth we will start at the beginning of that paper again.
I digress....

The other day we went to the doctor for his check up and for a physical to be done so he can go to boy scout camp.

I started asking him the questions on the questionnaire:
Any changes in your life?

Not that I want to tell them.

Have we talked about puberty?

(Rolling his eyes with a little fear in them.)  Mom, if I say yes will you not go into detail about that stuff? (guess I'm a little too open, oh and when he came home with the word sex I did get his father to run from the room bright red.  What?  I just opened the anatomy books and we did a little unit study.)

Okay then, Do I limit your screen time?

Just say yes.  It's not like I don't go outside.  Look at my skin.

Yeah that boy is all mine. 

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