Sunday, June 17, 2012


Trolling.....What is trolling?  Well according to the 11 year old it is the typing of trolling over and over and over again and texting or skyping it to someone.  This is the definition of trolling. 

The boys Grandma came to visit this week and when she came with their dad to drop them off we started talking about computers.  Now, my boys spend a bit of time on the computer playing mine craft and skyping each other or trolling friends.  So as we are discussing computers the following is what happens.....

Z:  Grandma you are never on skype!

G:  Yes I am but I keep getting these long messages I don't understand. 

Me:  Grandma what do they say?

G: T something.

Me:  Zach!  Did you troll Grandma?

Z:  Up....Over and over and over again.

Me:  Nice!  (with a high five for him being so silly)

G:  I don't understand this.  Why is he sending me these messages?

Z:  To get your attention!

Me:  To annoy you into a response.

G:  You are going to have to teach me how to delete those.

Z:  What would the fun in that be?

Me:  Laughing...just laughing...I can't help it that kid cracks me up.  Where in the world did he get that naughty sense of humor......Really don't look at me.  ROFLOL!

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