Friday, June 8, 2012

Who gave the children all the sugar? Oh Grandmother.....

This is a day of too much sugar.  My sweet mother came over to wish my oldest a fun trip and with her came two dozen Krispy Kream doughnuts.....Warm.....I even had one and I don't like doughnuts...To many months working in a bakery cleaning out the doughnut cabinet.  I was able to donate 1 dozen to the family who was going on the trip with my oldest this morning.  The second dozen I left at the house thinking, falsely, that my mother would not let the small children eat a dozen doughnuts.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!   What, What, What was I thinking?????

I got home from working and what did I find?  3 children, my two little ones, and the one I watch on occasion.  I was informed that they had each had only two doughnuts.  When I looked in the box there were only 3 left.......Can we do the math together?  2 doughnuts per child so that's 2 times 3......there should be 6 doughnuts left in the box right?  Hummmmm and my mother does not eat doughnuts....Ever.  So I must assume that when she was not looking the monsters each either had one more or the older two had one and a half more or one had like 5 doughnuts to himself.  The product of all that sugar consumption.....The following is what has occurred in the house with that much sugar in their system.

6 fist fights and wrestling matches = 6 time outs
5 licking incedents
       a.  Don't lick your brother!
       b.  Don't lick me!
       c.  Don't chew the bed!
       d.  Don't lick the dog!
       e.  Do not lick my computer!!!!!
4 times of me saying don't kill your brother.
3 issues of mommying me to the brink of insanity......Example:

Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!
What????  I have answered you every time!  What do you want?
Put Draw Something on my iPod please!
Okay.(stupid me!  Who is going to play Draw Something with the 4 year old who doesn't care what the word is he just wants to draw and make you guess using the words that you are given.  Good thing I have a lot of bombs!)
Take your turn!!!
I did! 
Do it again!(This went on longer than I want to type.)

Me:  Corbin go get a tissue

C:  We are out and I was playing Eni Meni Miney Mo with the doughnuts.  The chocolate one lost so I was going to attack it!

Me:  Poor doughnut.  No more doughnutsssssss......(As I see he has already attacked the doughnut while I was playing draw something with Adam.  Crap)  The evil in me(and maybe the sugar) made me do the next thing.  I texted their father and told him he had to download the game so A could play with him.  ROFLOL That fixed the me not seeing what they were doing. 

I think I will beg my mother to never bring doughnuts to the house in mass quantities again unless we are having a party.  (It won't work but its worth a try!)

And its still early!

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