Thursday, December 19, 2013

What do gingerbread houses and hot glue have to do with each other?

Sitting in the school room teaching Corbin division.  (More like telling him to stop messing with me and finish his math problems)  I hear someone getting into a box and plastic wrap.  (I like to pretend that this stuff isn't happening.) I hear the sweet baby voice of Adam questioning Diego on what he's doing.

A: What are you doing?

D:  Getting the gingerbread houses out so you guys can work on them.

A:  Ohhhhh.  Are you going to glue them?

D: No silly that's what the frosting is for.

A: Grandmother glued them last time.

How does he remember this, I think it was two years ago she did that.  Oh and yes she totally hot glued them together. That's exactly what she said when she brought the kit in my house looked at Diego and said "Good luck, Adam wanted this.  Last time I had to hot glue the houses to make them stay." It was like daring him to do something.

D: Yeah we aren't going to glue them this year.

A:  Well, Diego is good so it should work this way.


There was a whole side conversation from Zach trying to dispute the hot glue theory but he finally conceded that yes she did hot glue the houses in the end.

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