Saturday, December 21, 2013


I swear every year I am never going to make cookies with my mom again.  We always make too many different kinds and too many cookies in general.  By the time we are done I cannot stand the smell of sugary items.  They make my stomach churn.  This year again I said no.  I will not make cookies.  I even said this to my mother more than once.

Ah but I'm a sucker.

By the end of the night my mother had left and we still had at least 3 kinds of cookies to finish. Why do I continually agree to to this? It took me two days to finish the last three kinds of cookies and I still have dough left and supplies to make twenty more kinds. They are finished.  And I am never doing this again.....I know I said never and I always do. Ah but this year is different.  I believe that after my mothers allergic reaction to the flour I will never be forced to bake cookies again. By saying never so I'm toast, its worth trying though. Sad that I find glee in someone else's allergy.  Bwa Haa Haa no more cookies!!!!!

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