Monday, December 9, 2013

He just licked my neck

I'm on the phone and doing laundry.  I walk out of the living room for two minutes.  I walk back in the room to observe my oldest child kicking my middle child.

In almost complete unison:  "He started it!"

Me: What is the matter with you two?!?!?!

Zach: He hit me.

Me: So you kicked him across the room?

He just looks at me with the look of I knew better but I did it anyway.

Zach:  Sorry Corbin.

Corbin:  Sorry Zach.

Then Corbin leans in and hugs Zach.  This may look like the sweet innocent hug but oh no.

Zach:  Did you just lick my neck?

Corbin:  No.  I just breathed on you.

Some days it is so hard to stop my laughter.  I giggled.

Zach:  No. Mom he licked my neck.

Me:  Corbin, did you just lick your brothers neck?

Corbin:  No, really I was just breathing on his neck.

Me:  Why?

Corbin:  I couldn't breath.

Me:  Apologize to your brother for licking his neck.

Corbin: Sorry Zach. (he goes to give his brother another hug with a slightly evil look in his eyes)

Me:  Nope just say you're sorry you don't need to hug him again.

I guess I can add don't lick your brother while apologizing to him another thing I never thought I would have to say.

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