Saturday, December 7, 2013

The best compliment a parent can receive.

I took my Zachary to the dentist.  I let him go in by himself so I didn't have to endure the little boys in the dentists office which is never really fun. I received a text message from Zach to come make his next appointment.  I walked in and he is doing magic tricks for the whole staff.  I asked him to do another of his tricks and then get in the car.  The staff seemed really amazed by his tricks I was pretty sure they were just feeding his ego.

The lady at the front desk starts asking me what days are best.  I tell her and she starts to make the appointment when the hygienist looks at her:

Hygienist:  You need to make it before 1pm.

Me:  Okay I can do that, any particular reason?

Hygienist:  I want to work with him again. That kid is awesome, he has really clean teeth, he's funny, and to top it off he does magic, like really good magic.

Nothing like a complete stranger complimenting your child and I guess he really was having fun watching Zach do magic.

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