Thursday, October 3, 2013

Because I was a teenager once.

I had the privilege of picking children up from their Jr. High youth group party thing.  I always learn so much in our short little car rides and from observing the children who think they are not being watched.....Hee Hee, so I was able to observe one of our dear 12 year old friends hugging a girl goodbye on his way out and not really wanting to leave said activity.  Me being who I am, I could not hold myself back from teasing this poor child and again giving him the dating rules.  First we start with the teasing and questions.  The one that set me off on a laughing spell was from Zach to his friend.

Z:  Do you still have her phone number?

F:  No, she had to get a new phone. (Me giggling, wow this crap starts early, other child sitting next to me starts giggling, wait how does he know why I'm giggling? I look at him...)

F2:   Yeah she changed her number because of you.

F:  No, too many boys had her number.

Me:  What?  Why.....

Zach:  Some guy gave her number out to a bunch of other guys, she's actually a nice girl mom.(Okay he knows me a little too well....Must be the comments I make about dating hoochy mamas coming through!)

Then the rules.

Boys you know you cannot start dating until you can drive you and your date.

F:  Why you could drive them.

Bwa Ha Ha!  Sure, I will drive them, and then me and the claw are going to stay there and sit with you guys.

Zach:  She did it to our friends sister.  She's not joking.

F:  What about group dates.

Ha!  I get to go on those too.

F:  Why?

Because I was a teenager once.

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