Monday, October 21, 2013

Things Children Teach You About Yourself......

Corbin has never liked just sitting and watching movies.  He gets up, goes outside, or to the bathroom, or to his office, any where but where the movie is being watched.  He wanders in and out of the room.  Makes a comment then moves on.  Where in the world did he get this bad habit from?

Sitting watching scary movies has never been my strong suit.  I don't love them the way some people do. When requested to I will watch them.  Mind you when I do watch them unless you hold me down I will get up and walk around, do laundry, go to the bathroom, get people drinks, food, popcorn and generally try to avoid watching said movie.  I will even blog.  I don't really like scary movies.  And now we know where Corbin gets his bad habit from. Sigh.

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