Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween and Fire Works?

When I picked the boys up today from their dads the first thing out of Corbin's mouth was a slight shock to me.

C:  When is Diego going to be home?

Me:  When he's done working.

C:  Good.  I hope he bought fireworks.

Me:  WHAT?

C:  I can't wait to set off fireworks.

From the child who until three days ago wouldn't even go outside when the hint of fireworks were going off. Okay then.

Me:  Well we don't have any fireworks but we could put up some Halloween decorations.

C:  Okay but only if they are scary.

Me:  What?

A chorus from the back of the car:  Yeah we want to put up scary decorations!

Who are these children and what have they done with mine?!??!?!  I guess they are growing up.  Bwa Haa Ha!  I love it!  I can't wait for Halloween now!  No more cutesy little decorations!  I'm putting up the webs this year with my guys!  Awesome!!!!!

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