Monday, September 30, 2013

Thursdays are going to be my favorite days of the week....Or the day I rock in the corner.

Our Thursdays are packed to the gills this year.  We go from kickboxing, karate, more karate, to Spanish for one child, co-op for the other two, then woo hoo we get to go back to karate.  Thankfully I have help with the last karate of the day.  Why then would I venture to say that Thursdays are going to be my favorite day of the week instead of Thursdays being the day that I'm going to go rock in a corner when I return to my home late at night?  Day one of co-op.  That is why.

We were at our friends house working on all the stuff we need to have done for the little ones teacher, we were working on following directions and putting the right shapes and this case animals on the right shelf so they all would fit.

Friend:  We will put the pets on the right line, so for example if you put the pet dragon in the in the middle you won't have room for the other pets. (Mind you the dragon was not one of the animals they had to choose from it was a fictional dragon.)

Corbin"  HELLO!  Dragons are dangerous!  They don't belong in a pet store!

Friend:  Right no dragons lets just move with the pets we do have then.  (We are dying laughing at this point.)

We have most of the big kids at the house, they are working on doing their own school work but keep coming into the school area with the little kids.  Apparently my friends youngest daughter got sick of her older sister coming into our area:

FD:  No big kids allowed!  This is just for us!  Get out of here! (Think she has older siblings?)

The final piece that made me almost die:

Okay guys what do fish eat?

Adam:  Seaweed and Mac and Cheese.


Adam:  Well they eat Mac and Cheese in Vermont!  (While on their trip to Vermont with their father apparently Mac and Cheese was available in large quantities and that is what they went fishing with.)

Yeah, Thursdays, they are going to be very interesting.

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