Friday, October 18, 2013

No thanks, I have an assistant in Madagascar

The more you carpool the more you learn.

Talking about girls and boys again!

Me:  What's my rule boys?

Boys:  No dating till we can drive them ourselves or you and the claw get to go with us.

Me:  That's right!  So just tell those girls no.

Zach:  I have plenty of practice at that already mom!

Me:  Practice at what?

Zach:  Telling girls no.

Me:  WHAT???

Zach & Friend:  Oh all the girls at theater take turns asking us if we like one of their friends.

Friend:  Zach just looks at them and says "No".

Me:  Really?

Friend:  Yeah then they ask me if I like them.


Zach:  Yeah and then some kid tried to get Corbin to like a girl.

Me:  WHAT!?!??!?!

Zach:  Don't worry mom. Corbin told them "No thanks.  I already have an assistant in Madagascar."

Me:  Really??

Zach:  Yeah and when they asked me if we had been to Madagascar I told them yes!


I never thought that his repeating of movies would come in handy!  

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