Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Seasoned Mom

Sitting at my friends kitchen table talking about our up coming school year and all the things we have been doing over the summer.  She was just telling me Sunday they went and caught fish at a near by pond.  The fish were put in a tank in their classroom and seemed to be doing a really good job of staying alive. As we are discussing the fish all the children go to the classroom to investigate said fish and all the wonders that are in the classroom.  Most of them emerge a short time later to go play outside as us moms just hang out and chat.  I say most because one child emerges from a back room much later than the rest with his hand in his pocket. 

Mom to the four year old:  What's in your pocket baby?

4yo:  Nothing.

Mom:  Let me see.

4yo:  Nothing.

Mom:  Did you put a fish in your pocket? (without cracking a smile, or yelling that is not okay.)

4yo:  Pulls his hand sheepishly from his pocket with the dead fish tucked inside his hot little hand.

Mom:  Okay, thanks for showing me.

The 4 year old goes outside.  The next thing we see him do?  Start to get a plastic pocket knife and open the fish up for dissection.  At this point I am on the floor laughing.  It takes a seasoned mom to just let the 4 year old go about their business. 

Me:  So, I hope he doesn't stick it back in his pocket to save for later or you are going to be picking fish guts out of the laundry.

Mom:  Yuck!  I didn't think about that!  Wait look he is adding it to my garden as compost.  I'm good.

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