Friday, August 16, 2013

We have come a long way baby.

From the time Zach was 3 almost 4 he has been involved in theater.  Which means that the little boys have grown up in Theater Arts Academy.  The theater has seen all the boys grow and change over the years.  Tonight was another fun show, and for this mom an hour of amazement, relief, and wonder. 

Zach, well Zach did a great job as always. He was a little reluctant to do theater this time, I think the preteen crap has kicked in, but he decided to go ahead and join the cast so he could help Corbin in his first youth cast.  I am so proud to be his mother, and as far as preteens go he is an amazing young man and I am well aware he could be so much worse....He could be me, God bless my mother for enduring me and not dropping me off the Bay Bridge.

Corbin was three months old when he attended his first show.  Over the years we have all endured him screaming in the theater due to his fear of the dark as a toddler and all his other issues that have occurred.  Tonight.  Tonight was the final show of his very first youth cast.  For those who don't know this means he graduated from sitting with me, going on stage singing a song and then coming back to me to sit through the show, to actually being with the main cast and having many lines.  Jennifer and the whole staff at Theater Arts Academy are amazing with their patience and perseverance.   Corbin put on a show tonight.  He danced all the dances and I don't think he missed a line and he was in character the whole time, though I think maybe they made his character just for him.  At the end of the show they gave Corbin a certificate to show he had moved from little ones to youth cast.  My little boy, in front of an entire audience, did a huge fist pump and yelled "YES!" 

Adam.  With his speech delay he has been very reluctant to speak in front of people.  He gets tired of us all saying "What?  What did you say?"  He did such a great job singing his song and following the choreography.  Thanks to my dear friend Kathryn and everyone else who has helped us along the way with his speech he has come a long way. 

All the kids did a great job tonight and I am so grateful to all the teachers, therapists, friends and family that have helped us over the years to get us to this point.

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