Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting Frisked

Watching children play in the backyard at our friends house is so much fun.  From watching the 4-9 year olds trying to tie water balloons, playing with dead fish, and the good old fashioned frisking.  That's right I said frisking (want to know about the dead fish read the prior post Seasoned Mom for details.)

Friend: Aww they are holding hands.  Should we start to worry?

Me:  Naw.  Adam is already spoken for I think we are good.  (giggle) 

Friend:  What is she doing to him now?

Me:  I don't know.  It looks like she is feeling him up or patting him down.

Friend yelling at the kids:  What are you doing?!

Frisker: Looking for something.

Me:  I hope he hasn't stuck the dead fish in his pocket.

Friend:  I don't think so.....Better check later just in case....(kid interrupts her by yelling)

                       Mom!  He squished the fish on the skate board!

Me:  Well that solves the fish problem, again.  But what is she after?

When we got home, our friend followed us, not in a stalker kind of way but to get some peaches from our backyard, we asked Adam.

Me:  Why was she frisking you?

Adam:  She thought I took the 4 year olds survival knife and put it in my pocket.

Me:  Did you?

Adam: (Smiling)  Nope!  He was using it to kill spiders.


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