Friday, July 12, 2013

Peeling Patterns

While working out this morning I had the most interesting conversation and learned so much about many people.

Me:  I think the glue remover is actually working well.  Though it is very labor intensive.

Instructor 1:  Actually, I think Corbin has done a better job than anything else we have tried.

Me:  Really?  That's funny.

Instructor 2:  Yeah he has done a good job.  You know the benches we just painted are getting peeled too.

Me:  (Crap!)  I'm sorry.  I thought we had him stuck on the glue (hee hee, stupid pun). 

Instructor 2:  Oh, its not Corbin.

Me:  Really?  How do you know?

Instructor 2:  Zach checked the peeling patterns.

Me:  Really? (What in the world does that mean?)

Instructor 2:  Yeah, really.  Corbin has a pattern in his peeling.  He doesn't just scrape or scratch certain areas.  He works one area at a time till all the glue is gone and then he moves to another area.

Me:  Okay.  I'm not sure which I am more disturbed by, the fact that Corbin peels things in patterns or that not only does Zach know these patterns but you guys know them. 

Instructor 2:  You should be disturbed by both.

Me:  Yeah.  Both.  You just became blog fodder.

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