Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 2 of camp is always fun.....Not.

We do not do mornings.  7 am comes too fast and for those of us who are night owls well, 7 am is kind of not something we like to see, God forbid 6am, there really shouldn't be such a time.  Music and Drama camp comes but once a year so once a year I see 7 am everyday as do my children.  Can I say that some of us adapt well to this occurrence and well some do not.  Corbin and I do not.  The others in the house function beautifully.  (sickos)

This morning before camp, I was screamed at, lost my temper, and really wanted to go back to bed before we even arrived at camp.  During the day we had great kids and then what I will call the gremlins.  They look so cute and innocent but then you turn around and they have shredded an entire table cloth.  Yes, I am talking about the K-2 kids.  They were our last group of the day and I was so grateful that the day was over but no.  Corbin decided to have a complete meltdown and made me carry him out of the church. Which I am sure entertained more than one person to see me carrying a 60lb child like a baby, his butt almost dragging on the ground.  Tomorrow I will be bringing him his own lunch so he can't complain that he didn't get a jelly sandwich or any other type of food he can possibly complain about.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring more humor to the situation and less me wanting to run away and rock in the corner.  Hey at least I didn't come home and go straight to bed.  (No, I helped clean the pool, maybe that will make the little monsters sleep tonight. NO you can't get out of the pool yet swim some more!)

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