Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 3....You would think getting up would be easier

7:00am is just not my friend.  Though I have to say that at the end of today I was much less exhausted.  I still am not sure I would have enough energy to do this everyday.  God bless those who do.  Hey by trial and error over the last three days we have learned not to put table cloths out until the little ones are done, that some kids respond better to loud and direct people than others, and that if Corbin has the right shoes we have much less flip out sessions!   Oh, and Adam listens to everything and will one day be as formidable as his brother in parroting everything I say, as soon as he starts being intelligible with his speech all the time.

On our way taking the 5 helpers and 2 campers home the conversation turned to our awesome new Junior High director and zombies. (By no way are they connected.)  The zombie game became very detailed in the descriptions(the Junior High guy not so much, just that he was awesome):

The first child says, and the Zombies ate their heads off and there was so much blood!

Adam:  Excuse me guys!


Adam:  Little kids in the car.

LOL!  You are right!  Sorry Adam!

I love that boy!  I didn't even have to scold the big kids for talking about inappropriate stuff in front of the little boys.  Adam did it for me!

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