Thursday, July 11, 2013

Never Underestimate Corbin

For everyone who thinks that my sweet quirky Corbin is only that let me inform you of his most recent activities. 

Zachary comes home from theater yesterday:

Me:  So how was theater?

Zach:  Good, except Corbin stole my script.

Me:  What?

Zach:  Yeah, he stole my script.  I couldn't find if for like 5 minutes.

Me:  Did your instructor see him?  Did he get in trouble?

Zach:  No, he waited for her to leave the room and took it when I was talking to my friend.

Me:  Did he get caught?

Zach: No.  It magically reappeared just at the right moment.

Snicker.  Well, at least he knows not to get caught. 

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