Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why I have not posted this week....Until now.

I have spent the last 8 days without my babies.  For some I know this is a welcomed occurrence. For me, it was kind of like someone pulled a great big chuck out of my side and said, "you'll live." All I wanted to say back was something I won't post here.

I have lived, according to one source not as calmly as I would like to have thought I was but I have lived. What's a girl to do when she has no small people to yell at her to make breakfast, do laundry, clean up after and educate?  Well, not blog.  I have helped paint, clean, done laundry, watched as  Diego put grass seed and manure all over the backyard, and work. Until today I really didn't have any blog fodder nor did I really have a sense of humor.

Really, I'm not going to blog about helping pull out the tree in the backyard and landing on my backside while Diego laughed at me.

Or about laughing at my dearest friend and her upcoming move to the beach....She hates sand.  Its still funny.

Tonight I was supposed to be holding my little monsters, yelling at them to pick up their stuff, and watching them play video games (they have been in a "electronic free" zone for the last 7 days).  Unfortunately their flight was delayed and due to some stellar flight people and the misconception that they would take care of the problem, they were forgotten about until all the flights out of where they are were booked.  For me that means one more night without children.  For the kids one more night at the lake with their dad.  Corbin is a little anxious to be home but as I lived so will he. For me this also means we got to go out to an adult dinner.

What a lovely dinner, my mom, grandmother, dear friend, and Diego. My grandmother decided that tonight it was Diego's turn to be harassed.  When she found that you cannot tease someone who will give it back as good as they get she brought up a song she and my grandfather used to sing and sang it for us.    

Princess Pupule has plenty papayas
She loves to give them away
And all of the neighbors they say
Oh me-ya oh my-ya you really should try-ya
A little piece of the Princess Pupule's papayas
Zazza zazza zazza zazza zay

Princess Pupule's not truly unruly
To pass out papayas each day
But all of the neighbors they say
She may give you the fruit but she hang on to the root
And so she has the fruit and the root to boot
Zazza zazza zazza zazza zay

(alternate lyric after 'they say':
The sample is ample, and so is the source
She'll break her an acre and grow more of course)

One bright Sunday afternoon
It was field day in her papaya groves
But I reached the gate an hour too late
The customers were lined up in droves

So let this be a warning
Go early in the morning
And it is true you'll never rue the day
The Princess Pupule has plenty papayas
She loves to give it away
I mean papayas
She loves to give them away

Never a dull moment around here. Even without kids. 

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  1. Hi Ari:
    I bet it was really hard to be without those boys for so long. Hope it turned out to be a great experience for everyone, nonetheless.
    Sending all of you big hugs.
    I remember Papa singing that Princess Papule song :0)