Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boys, cups, masks....That is all.

Last week I sent Diego with Zachary to buy his first athletic cup.  I assumed that he didn't want to take his mother who has no filter and brothers to make this purchase.  Corbin and Adam were unaware of what this new appliance was for.  Today at karate with his instructor watching Corbin took the cup and put it small end up and started to use the cup as a mask:

Me:  Corbin!  No!!!!!!

Corbin:  Why?

Me:  You can not use your brothers cup as a mask! (Corbin just looked confused.) Your brother uses that for his private parts.

His instructor and I were trying not to cry as I'm trying to tell Corbin why he can't use the cup as a mask.   Around us stood my friends who were completely unaware of what had just occurred which just sent the two of us into hysterics further.

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