Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm not going back under there. I think there might be critters....

Today we are cleaning, prepping, and fixing broken drawers and beds.  Diego went into the boys room to look at the drawer they broke.  He picks the drawer up and leaves the room.

D: I'm going to fix this in the other room.

Me:  Okay.

D:  I don't want to go back under that bed.  I think there are living creatures under that bed.

Me:  Nah.  Its all good they are just dust bunnies.

D:  Mumhum.  I think I saw one move. Have fun with that.

In my mind I'm thinking, oh honey you just haven't been around children long enough.  It was gross but I'm pretty sure my old Suburban was worse, at least there wasn't old food under there.

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