Saturday, June 15, 2013

When the lights are all off when I walk in the house and there are nerf guns, Duck.

This evening my favorite guy not related to me and I went to dinner with my Grandmother and my cousins.  We enjoyed an evening meal without having to tell any one not to lick, bite, or ask the waiter if they knew what a cuttlefish eats.   The kids got the benefit of having a couple of their older friends to come over and "babysit" them while we were at dinner. 

After dinner we came home.  I was under the impression that I was going to take one of the extra children home and then we were going to watch "Here Comes the Boom". 
As I enter my home I find that almost every light in the house is off.  Corbin is in his room with the door shut, light on and playing light brights making jelly fish he tells me and then informs me that he loves me but "you can go now mom."  Now here is when I notice that not only are the lights out, there is the unmistakable clicking sound of nerf guns and hysterical laughter from all 4 parties who are running through my house shooting each other in the dark.  Stupid me I change my clothes and start to head out into the living room to grab my lap top when I hear:

Zach:  Mom!  Duck!  I almost hit you in the head!

Me:  Oh Holy Hello I'm outta here!

D: Good idea, go to the safe zone.  (This from the same man who yesterday had to tell the boys to not shoot guns in the car. Something I am sure he really never thought he would have to say. I never thought I would have to that's for sure.)

Here I sit.  In my safe room.  Waiting to be released.  Maybe I will take a nap.

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