Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It's SUMMER!!!!  Yippee!! All our friends are out of school and its time to have my house full of children once again.  This summer is a little different than most.  Pre-teens and teens in the house have added a new flavor to our normal discussions about bacon, mine craft, and YouTube.  Now there are girls and the sex ed discussions.  (God help me!!!!)  First day of having all the kids at the house the conversation went like this:

F1:  Ms. Flamik you will never guess what we learned about today!

Me:  Probably not love.  Why don'tcha just tell me.

F1:  We got to watch child birth in school.  And the whole class screamed when the doctor said wait...."It's Twins!"

Me:  So, what did you think of that?

F1:  I think you need to rent that movie and have Zach and I watch it together.

Me:  Interesting I guess I will have....(Zach screaming over my sentence NOOOOOO!!!!!)  look into that.  Now Zach tell me what you really think....Would you rather have your sex ed talks with your mom once a month or would you like to sit with your BFF's this summer and watch a video series.

Zach:  Are you kidding me?  I will take your talks any day over watching a video of birth and sex.

Me:  That's my boy.

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