Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 year old sleepover debates.

We are finally starting to feel better around here.  I am off quarantine (I got pink eye too. Blah, curse small children going to my side of the bed and rubbing their faces on my pillow!) We celebrated being close to over all this illness by having an impromptu dinner with friends.  Now what started out with me leaving one child and only bringing two home with me ended up with me leaving one taking five home with me.  Fortunately these guys get along most of the time and are excellent listeners.  (And they all have a healthy fear of me. :-))  The conversation in the bathroom before bed had me laughing so hard I started coughing and almost needed my inhaler to stop.

The two 5 year olds were having the great tooth paste and dental floss debate.

Child 1: Adam do you like minty toothpaste?

Adam:  Yes.  It really is my favorite.

1:  This toothpaste is too minty.

A:  I like it.  My dental floss is minty too.

1: Can I use this dental floss?

A:  Yes but its minty.

1:  I like minty.  But not Pepperoni.  Pepperoni is too minty.

I almost fell on the floor.  This conversation sounded like two big kids or adults with the intonations they were using.  It sounded as if they were having a conversation about global warming with their tones.  5 going on 30 with a twist of where in the world did pepperoni come from?

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