Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kendama's. Whose bright idea was this?

Let me begin by saying I do not understand the newest fad that has swept our area. The Kendama. Its a ball and a stick.  You put the ball on the stick or in the cups.  Like every sport that man has created it has some undertones that are slightly disturbing if you are of the mind to think that way....(No comment about my own thoughts as this blog is read by children and adults. Just know I have many many comments I have to filter closely, which for me is not always easy.)

I knew these things would be a problem as soon as my oldest got one.  I asked him how long it would be before the other boys would be asking for one too.  Apparently, not long.  Today I came home to all three boys with Kendama's.  My next question, and by now I should learn not to ask questions, was "Who will be injured first?"  It is a big wooden ball on a string that you throw in the air and try to catch.  Like Nun chucks when first used someone is gonna get hurt.  Adam had already hit himself in the eye with Zach's now I have 5 of these things in the house? 

Well, I was the one who was injured.  Of course as with any toy the boys do not use them as they are intended.  NO.  This one was being swung in circles around the living room as I happen to walk in and get smacked in the shin with the stupid thing!  Can I just say that hurt so bad, I think they heard my yelp in the next county.  Its a solid piece of wood I will give the makers that.  I now have a lovely bruise forming and will probably be icing my leg tonight.  Thank you to whoever thought of these lovely toys and to my Mother who bought one for each of the boys.  I would say I can't wait to see what happens next but really.  I can.

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