Monday, April 8, 2013

This really isn't a post, it is a temporary break from insanity.

Tax season is in full swing. I have less than 7 days left!  Of course today is the day I have to get sick.  Whatever!  I hate getting sick!  I am taking a short break to clear my head of all the cold fog and spend some time with my boys.

Tax Season means the boys have a two week break, we will call it an extended spring break or early summer break, from school.  Even thought they are on break I have learned that my children are never not learning.  My oldest child came to complain to me today about another child on his Mine Craft Server not being able to spell, making it difficult for the kids to understand what the child wants.

Me:  You let Adam on the server.  He's 5.

Zach:  Yeah but Adam can spell.

Me:  What?  He can't read yet.

Zach:  Uh mom yes he can. 

Me:  Huh.

Zach:  He can read and the only things he writes on the server are "Hi" and "No".

Me:  He can spell?

Zach:  Yeah, simple words. 

Me:  And he can read?

Adam:  Yes mom!  They ask me for Diamonds, I tell them NO!

Lesson of the day....My 5 year old can read.  Who knew.  Not me.  Guess all that reading to the kids really has paid off.  Now back to my regularly scheduled activates.

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