Monday, April 22, 2013

We voted that you get to teach sarcasm.

My friend came over the other night to visit.  We were just catching up on each others lives since we live in close proximity and never seem to see each other. She had just asked me how homeschooling was going when my oldest monster walked into the room flopped himself on the couch and started to join our conversation.

Me:  Good, we love doing our co-op every week and next year Corbin gets to go to the big kid house.

Friend:  That's great what are they going to learn there?

Me:  Well I think they are splitting the classes so some are doing Spanish, Shakespeare, and art, others are doing Reading, writing, and something else.  I can't remember.

Zach: Logic.

Me:  Really?  Who is teaching that?

Zach: We don't know yet we just all voted for logic and sarcasm.  We thought you could teach that one.

Me: Logic or Sarcasm?

Zach:  Well both but mostly sarcasm.

I look to my friend for reassurance.

Friend:  Well they do have a point.


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