Friday, April 26, 2013

Other things that happened while I was doing that four letter word....WORK

Many things happened towards the end of tax season that I was unable to blog but at least I had my sense of humor still intact when the following happened:

Corbin wandered in from playing outside, looking a little disheveled and had really wide eyes.

Corbin: Mom, I just at a poisonous ant.  Just thought you should know.

Me:  What?  (As I am goggling to see if there are poisonous ants in California, and texting all my friends to see if they knew anything about poisonous ants. Fortunately, I am happy to report, there are no poisonous ants in California.)

Corbin: I just ate a poisonous ant.

Me:  Why do you say that?

Corbin:  Because when I ate it, it was really sour and yucky.

Me:  Then what did you do?

Corbin:  I spit it like this, he proceeded to spit and spit on my floor as I sit there in stunned silence.

Me: Stop spitting.

Corbin:  I was just showing you.

Me:  Okay, why did you eat the ant?

Corbin: Because it was poisonous.

Me:  No really why?

Corbin: Well, I wanted to know what they would taste like.

Me:  Were they delicious?

Corbin:  Mom, I already told you they were poisonous, disgusting and sour.

Me:  So they didn't taste good then?

Corbin:  Uh no mom. 

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  1. Ants naturally have formic acid (just as bees do) that they use to sting predators and it will also make them taste bad. Some ants also inject the formic acid into plants to kill them and take over more usable land. Some people also believe the formic acid in ants can be used to increase your health and will eat them! Being beekeepers we have learned many things about the bee and it's amazing how similar bees and ants are. It also amazing to me how much I remembered and could tell you about ants and bees. So, will it hurt Corbin to eat some ants? No, will it make him sick to his stomach? Yes, but only if he gets a ton of ants in his system!