Friday, April 19, 2013

Sometimes I have to post others stories.

I received a text from one of my very dear friends who will remain anonymous for this tale.  The text almost made me spit my coffee out even though she warned me not to be drinking coffee.  Here is what I received:

Friend:  You'll appreciate this.  Sit down but don't be drinking anything least you risk shooting it out your nose and across the room.

First thing I heard when I got home last night, from the oldest child:

"Child #2 was sent to bed because she tried to put a princess in her butt. <pause> I feel bad for poor Tiana," (I can only imagine at this point that is the name of the princess that was going to have a wild ride. Hey I don't have girls give me a break.)

Friend:  Apparently, my husband just happened to be walking by the bathroom while child 2 and 3 were bathing and overheard a discussion along these lines.  He hovered near by to see if it would just pass but had to intervene when #2 (no pun intended) leaned over, Tiana in hand, and aimed Tiana on what would have been a dark, dark adventure, yes, up #2's butt. Thank God for my husband! That would have been a doozy for the ER and social workers.

When asked why, she could only say "because" and , frankly, I believe that our overly creative child really meant it.  Just wanted to see what would happen.

Me:  ROFLOL That is too much! I'm just glad that child didn't give Corbin that idea......I can't even contemplate that one.  Yikes!!!!

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