Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's NOT DOG!!!!

Having hot dogs for dinner with the boys this was the conversation:

Corbin: What is in the corn dog?

Me: Meat.

Corbin: Dog?

Me: No chicken.

Corbin: Dog tail?

Zach: Want to know whats really in it?

Corbin:  Yes. 

Zach:  Mechanically separated chicken.  Which means chicken parts like the beaks and feet.

Corbin:  So kinda like dog.

Me:  It's NOT DOG!

Corbin: Okay.  But what is in the hot dog?

As I am waving Zach off to describe further pieces of chicken parts. 

Me:  Chicken.

Corbin: Chicken?  So what in the corn dog.

Adam, Zach and I together: CHICKEN!!!!!!

Corbin:  Okay so not dog tail then.

Me: No...

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