Monday, February 4, 2013

Eye Burgers?

Adam came up to me after waking up.  He was looking in the mirror and said

Mom, do I have eyes?

Umm Yeah baby you have eyes.

(huge sigh and a roll of the eyes) NO Mom!  Do I have eye stuff in my eyes.

Yeah eyes have eye stuff.

NO!!  Eye burgers( this is the way he said it, this is the way I will write it.)!

(I was running water in the sink when he asked me so I turned around and looked at him with my hands dripping wet)  Come her let me look.

With a little giggle and a shake of his head he looked at me and backed out of the room like I was some kind of predator out for his eye burgers. "No, its okay. I'm good."  Then he ran like demons were chasing him. 

You'd think I had tortured the child removing things from his eyes before.  Silly boy.

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