Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stop drinking your brothers tears? WHAT????

This was one of those mornings that I would rather forget except for the small details that just cracked me up.

We were doing school work, yes even during tax season we get some work done, and Adam decided he wanted a waffle.  This child is more than capable of putting a frozen waffle in the toaster but he decided to have a moment.  Not a senior moment, a toddler moment I guess I would call it or a youngest child moment.  You know when they just can't do anything for themselves and everything you tell them just gets them angrier.

Instead of asking for help or doing it himself he threw himself behind the couch and started crying. 

At this point Zach looks at me and says:

What's his problem?

I don't know, you saw as much as I did.

We coax Adam out from behind the couch get the waffle situation covered and I ask him:

Why are you crying?

I JUST DON'T KNOW!!!!! (Poor guy, just having a day.)

Now Corbin ventures into the room and looks at Adam:

C:  Are those real tears running down your face?

A: (sniff, hiccup) YES!

Corbin proceeds to put his finger on his brothers cheek and catch a tear. 

C:  Humm, yup, that's a real tear, I'm going to save it for later when I need it.

And he proceeds to stick his finger in his mouth and then he touches another tear and does it again.

Corbin!  Stop drinking your brothers tears!

C:  Okay, they are kinda salty.

God save me.  I laughed. You know that awful look your parents used to send you when you did something wrong?  Yeah that one, I failed at it today.  I did not hold my laughter in while scolding my child.  That's what our parents were doing when they looked so strange and scary. They were holding in their laughter while scolding us at the same time.

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