Sunday, September 16, 2012

Your car smells different......

Last week wespent a few days at my brothers.  So we did something we haven't done before.  I found myself at the car wash. My sister in law actually reads my Facebook posts and my blog(nice to be loved).... She read about needing shots to get in my car and decided I needed an intervention.  We took her kids to school and mine to the car wash.  (Trust me that was an education, in math, and science experiments gone wrong in my car.)  We got almost the whole shebang....they shampooed the seats, cleaned the spit art, vacuumed the floors.  This took quite some time to accomplish, my sisters truck was done almost 20 minutes before mine was....whoops, those guys earned their money!  When it was all done we got in and the seats were still wet.  The guys put plastic over them and we were off.

Me:  It smells funny in here.

Zach:  Its the smell of clean mom.

Me:  Nice...Brat.

Putting people in a car and driving around is always a way to have a conversation. They can't get away from you unless they jump when you slow down and unless they have a TV or some other electronics going they have nothing better to do....Well unless your my children who then think spit art on the windows is acceptable way to entertain themselves.  So two days later we were driving to karate with one of the boys friends in the car.

F:  Ms. Flamik....Your car smells different.

Me:  Yeah we got it cleaned.

Zach:  Can't you tell its the smell of clean? 

F:  I was wondering but I couldn't quite tell since I have never seen your car clean.

Zach:  Hummm....Me either.

Me:  I have cleaned the care before.

Zach:  No mom you emptied it you didn't clean it like those guys did.

Me:  Fine...

Then I turned up the radio and threatened them with the claw.  That usually stops all smack talk in the car. 

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