Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Black Eye??? Not again!

In the last 6 weeks Adam has received 3 black eyes.  Before you go calling CPS on me know that none of them were caused by an adult only one was from actual contact with another human being. 

The first of the black eyes occurred when Zach was doing his staff Kata in the back yard.  Adam came screaming into the house with this horrible mark on his eye and Zach came trailing in after him.

What happened?  (As I'm getting ice and wondering if I can get Adam to stop screaming and tell me what happened.)
Zach:  He walked into my staff.
Zach:  I was doing my Kata and he walked right into may staff.
Right so you were doing your Kata and he got close and you pushed your staff out right?
Zach:  Well, kinda.
Really?  Why?
Zach:  I didn't think he would walk into it I thought he would see I was working and would back up.
Apparently not.
Zach:  Sorry Adam.  (grrrr!)

Two weeks later, I'm having dinner with my friends who feel lucky they had their shots before they got into my car, I get a text message from the boys dad. 

Adam hit a wall....nice goose egg under his left eye.  (Again?! the same eye!)
Me:  Is he okay?  Does he want to talk to me?
He is ok...just another good shiner coming on.
Me:  Nice.

Then I got the picture.  Poor baby!

Me:  Who pushed him into the wall?
He just fell into it while playing
Me:  K..It looks awful.
Yeah.  It looks pretty nasty, but hasn't slowed him down any.
Me:  K

When they got home I asked Zach what happened.  They were playing and he dove to try and catch Zach and instead of catching Zach....He caught the wall.  I know this is my child now, he comes from a woman who can trip over a flat surface with bare feet.

We got home from our infamous Walmart trip today and we were exhausted. Me emotionally and sensory overload. Them the same. Makes us for not the best people to be around and probably not the most observant of our surroundings. Well at least me and Adam.  I walked into the kitchen to find him screaming and his eye, thankfully the right eye this time, turning purple.

I asked one of the kids what happened.

Well....He picked up the two liter of coke to put it away and he looked straight at the top of it and proceeded to shove it in his eye.

I had to ask and then text all my friends and got responses that varied from just "Nice", "stop abusing your child." to "Ouch!  he's your boy!"  Poor baby.  With this track record he's set to beat my all time number of black eyes.  My best was on parallel bars swinging forward and cracking my head on the second bar I had raccoon eyes for weeks.    At least I know he comes by it naturally. 

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