Sunday, August 5, 2012

One E-mail you never like to get. "Possible Lice Problem"

I opened my email yesterday to find in my in box:

"Possible Lice Problem" in the header from the Jr. High Youth Group leader.  This is not a heading I want to see, like to see or ever really want to see again.  Inside the email is a very pleasant, Hey All, one of the campers found they had some lice.  Please have your children checked.  Wash all their stuff in hot water and so on.  Sorry for the bad news.  It should be fine though! (For you!  You don't have to check all these kids hair brush it out and make sure everything they touch gets washed in hot water!  Or listen to the whining when you are using a comb that would pull the smallest knot like it was a dreadlock.)

Bugs! I hate bugs especially ones that infest themselves in your home and have the potential to make my life very uncomfortable with my special guy who would come unglued if we had that problem in his hair.   I immediately look through the child's hair to make sure I see no critters or critter eggs!  YUCK!!!!  Then everything and I mean everything he had touched or went to camp went in the washer on extra hot with extra soap.  Did I mention I hate bugs?  Reminded me of having carpet beetles, they are why I don't have carpet in my home.(shiver, I hate those nasty little creatures) 

Amidst my freak out, I start hearing from my friends.  I'm not the only one on the edge here.  Thankfully I'm not having the biggest freakout.  According to my dear friend.  They had been planning another camp for their kids but were informed that there were special people at the camp who could not be exposed to head lice because they spread disease and should not be around people who have had cancer or other major surgeries, because head lice can kill you!  (Seriously?)  Okay I almost fell over laughing. 

You have to be kidding me! 
"No they totally believe that they can kill cancer, heart and transplant patients."
SWL(shaking with laughter)  Oh my,  I guess I know how to get out of going places now!  I have lice!  They will get you!!!
"This came from a nurse."
No.  No it didn't.
"It totally did!"
I'm not sure I want anyone in the medical profession touching me again anytime soon.
"I may need to start my own blog!  A medical alert blog for the stupid people who believe everything on wikipidia and YouTube."
I would totally read that.  But you know its going in mine.  I never thought I would have to say duh head lice won't kill you!
I have really never heard of head lice carrying diseases.  They are annoying, itchy and gross, but diseases.  Come on.  So before I decided to post this, I went to the center of disease control and a few other websites.  All of which state, "head lice do not carry disease and there has been NO research evidence to support that they do."  Lesson here, do your research before freaking out, why?  Really, so you don't get made fun of to the general public on a blog.

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