Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mom, that really offeneded me.

When does an eight year old say "Mom, that really offended me."  Apparently when its my child and I have denied him candy. 

He got his revenge later this evening when we went to visit some friends.  Wait for it....

We were sitting on the back lawn chatting and having a picnic meal of Taco Bell and suddenly we hear a spraying noise. 

My friend screams "Ahhh!!!! the sprinklers are coming on!"

I grab my phone to keep it dry and proceed to get wet and try to get out of the middle of the lawn before my phone becomes saturated with water.  What do you think I hear now?  Laughter....of 6 children.  They are laughing at the moms mad dash from the lawn to the patio. 

See mom.  That's what happens when you tell me things I don't like. (These are the moments I am positive there is a God.  If there weren't, I would have thrown all my cool away long ago.)

Hummm, I don't think so honey.  This is what happens when we sit on our friends lawns at 7pm every time we come to their house.  (This was also the site of the last sprinkler incident.  I am not going to sit on their lawn anymore.  I always end up getting wet!)

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