Saturday, October 11, 2014

Save me from plotting teenagers.....

I love my teenager. He is still in his early teens and has a wicked sense of humor. Tonight was one of those nights I came home with him looked at Diego and said "this child is evil."

D: Why? (In a tone that said really lady? Get a grip.)

Me: On the car ride home we were discussing how some teens and how they end up rebelling.

D: Okay so how is he evil again?

Me: This child says to me "I don't know why these teens don't plot their rebellions better."

Z: Yeah I mean really, why don't they figure out all their parents buttons and push them systematically. Much more effective then rebelling and getting in trouble not just from your parents but from society.

Me: See!!!! Evil!!!!

D: Wonder where he gets that from.

Me: Shut up.

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