Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How did you lose a shoe that was on your foot? (not about the kids)

I normally blog about my children and the things I say to them or the things they do that make me wonder if I am a good mom or not. Not today. Today I am going to tell you about the phone call I received.

My mother called the other day. I was waiting for her call since I dropped her at the airport at o'I don't like to get up at this hour thirty.

Me: Hello!

Mom: Hi we are here!

Me: That's great! How were your flights?

Mom: They were fine until I lost my shoe.

Me: The shoes you carried in or the ones you wore on your feet?

Mom: The ones on my feet. Don't ask oh and I talked my friend out of buying a cheese head in Wisconsin.

Me: I am going to regret asking the following but a. how do you lose a shoe in the airport that was on your foot and b. who buys a cheese head in the first place?

Mom's friend pipes up in the background: I do! For my grand kids but your mom said no(in a whiny I didn't get my way voice.)

Me: Well you stopped certain disaster there.

Mom: Yeah I thought so too. So, I took my shoes off because my other shoes were getting to heavy to carry. I put the other shoes on and seemed to have left a shoe on the plane.

Me: Are you going to buy new shoes in New York? (God save New York the evil twins are there together!)

Mom: No! Its cold here I need the ones I have on.

Me: Well you might just chuck the extra shoe then.

Mom: I'm thinking about it.  Okay I'm going to call your brother now!

Me: You might want to not tell him about the shoe.

Mom: Bah!

Well as Zach says the genetics are strong in our family. Maybe I should just apologize to my children now for being a total nut later....Or the maybe for being one now....Choices, choices.

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