Sunday, September 28, 2014

Things that happen when I'm away.

The little boys were cleaning up the backyard to remove their check marks. (Check marks occur when the children are so out of control they need a reminder that they are human beings not monsters.)

Corbin was putting salt in the pool and Adam was picking up sticks and trash. When they were done they were just hanging out in the yard.

Me: I don't care if they really did anything. They are outside playing and not inside telling me they have nothing to do and Adam picked up the trash and the sticks.

D: Yeah that's fine. Corbin is the stick monster. He is always going around to the back picking up sticks and strewing them all over the yard. At least I got him to stop eating them.

I just looked at him.

D: That's right I just said that.

Me: You know what happens now right?

D: Enjoy writing.

This is what happens when I'm not around. Big changes....Like not eating sticks.

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