Thursday, May 1, 2014

One of our favorite friends has arrived!

The boys have been waiting for this day for weeks!  They get to keep one of their best friends for a whole week!  They have been asking "how many more days till he gets here? and how long can he stay?" almost every day.  This morning he arrived.  I received a phone call from his grandfather at 7:30 this morning apologizing for the early morning wake up and when could he bring the child who had been up since 6:30.  The big boys were still asleep as the whole neighborhood has been waiting for his arrival and they decided it would be better if everyone just spent the night so that they could be here when he got here.

He arrived at 8:30 this morning and was greeted by me and the neighbor kid that didn't spend the night.

Me: You my friend get to wake the boys up!

He started running to the front door and bypassed me entirely.

We hear from the bedroom:


Followed by grumbling and an ouch! A few minutes later the kids came out of the room.

F2: I didn't know he was an alarm.

Me: Apparently he's a good one.

Z: Yeah. My first question was, "what's up dude, besides the pain you're in," and then I hit him.

Me: Nice, he buddy want to wake up Adam? I promise he won't hit you.

F: Okay.

He threw a bear at Adam and woke him from a distance. I have a feeling that he won't get too close to any of my boys early in the morning ever again.  Oh well, we just have to teach him to move faster.

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