Monday, May 12, 2014

I thought nothing my children could do would embarrass me.....

After all these years of dealing with saying things in front of people I thought I would never have to say you would think I would never be embarrassed by anyone.  Ah...I used the word never.

We were sitting in the therapy office waiting for Adam. Corbin was sitting across from me and a rather robust woman walked into the office. All of a sudden Corbin ducks his head into his shirt, like a turtle hiding from a predator.

C: I can't see that!

I started looking around wondering what the heck he was talking about. I saw the larger woman in a very bright colored shirt and thought he can't be saying that about her.

Me: Corbin, what are you talking about, knock it off.

C: Its hideous! I just can't look at her.

Thank god this woman either, a. didn't hear him or b. chose to ignore him due to the therapy setting we were in.

Me: Corbin! Not one more word out of  your mouth!

C: Its disgusting!

Me: Unless you want to be cleaning later I suggest you quiet your mouth.  NOW!

He pulled his head out of his shirt and averted his eyes from what he felt was below his viewing pleasures. Thankfully Adam was done less than a minute later and we could escape through the door without further dialogue. Lesson learned...I can still be embarrassed by my children.

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