Friday, May 2, 2014

You know you are the mother of an Aspie kid when......

I can't think of a punch line for that joke. At speech therapy today I brought Corbin in the room to talk to the teacher about Adam's progression. On the table was a sponge on a stick. It looks like a sucker but is definitely not a sucker. Corbin starts looking at it in his way.

Therapist: This one was in your brothers mouth already.

He just stared at her in that way of "your point is?"

Therapist: Well you have already licked your brother, go ahead and taste it. What do you think it will taste like?

C: Cotton Candy?!?!

Therapist: Well that is what it looks like it will taste like. Why don't you try it.

He licks the sponge. "Mmmm Cotton Candy!"

Therapist: No it does not, try again.


Therapist: So, what does it taste like?

C: It tastes like a sea sponge.

Therapist: Really?

C: No it tastes like a regular sponge.

Okay how do either of you know the difference between a regular sponge and a sea sponge.  Never mind I don't want to know!

You know you have an aspie kid when the speech therapist knows he licks everything.

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