Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Regression of a 13 year old...

Walking someone to the door this afternoon I notice someone has drawn a smiley face on the security door. It is too high for the youngest child in the house and almost too high for the middle child, whom I would expect to draw on the walls. No it was neither of them. My 13 year old tagged my door.

Me: Why?

Z:  (In typical Corbin response) I don't know.

Me: How old are you?

Z:  Twelve.

Me: You couldn't have gotten away with it at twelve either.

Z: I did it when I was two and colored the walls, then again when I colored the carpet when I was five, the window sill when I was ten, so why not the door when I'm 13.

Me: Because now you are being a juvenile delinquent and tagging not just coloring things. And guess what you get to do now?  Oh!  Its gonna be fun!!!

Z: (Sullen, sarcastic teenage voice) Whaaatt?

Me: Now you get to clean it off.

After he cleaned it he came back and said:

Z: Now instead of a blue happy face its white.

Me: Guess what you get to do now?!?!?  Clean the whole door.  Have fun dear.

Little twerp.

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