Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Some of us here are stuck on Christmas.

Took my oldest to his first real New Years Eve Party.  You know one that doesn't end at 9pm and the kids attract the attention of the police at 8:30 at night due to nosy neighbors.  In neighbors defense there were like 30 kids running around. However, if she really wanted to make a case that they were burglars well the running and screaming should not only be an indication they would be very bad burglars but they would probably deter others who would be up to no good.

Standing there watching all the goings on and talking with friends I catch out of the corner of my eye my Corbin walking with one of the dads.

Corbin was looking at him, hes kind of a big guy.  All of a sudden he reaches his hand below the mans belly and pats his hand up and says "Your belly is like Jelly." I think Corbin thought he was Santa. I grabbed the small child and gave him a lecture I hope is not soon to be forgotten.That entailed the phrase "you may not touch peoples belly's or any other body parts".  (While trying not to cough from holding in my laughter.)

From all indications the sweet gentleman either didn't hear the monster or he heard and decided that I handled it and he didn't want to get involved.  Bless him. And bless my friends for laughing with me or at me. We left not too long after that.

Happy New Year.  Here's to knowing there will be many more blogging moments in 2014.

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