Friday, January 10, 2014

Meet our Porcupine, Spike

Tomorrow is my sweet baby's birthday.  It's a big one he's going from one hand to two.  What did he want for his birthday?  Rocket Shoes and spiky hair.  Rocket Shoes don't exist for small children (though I'm sure Adam will find a way to make them.). We went to the hair dresser.

When he told her what he wanted she warned him that it was going to be very short.  He still wanted it done.  I watched as she sheared my small child down to a little less than an inch of hair.  The expression of excitement on his face was worth every penny I had to pay for the hair cut and gel that he will now need to put in his hair every day.

When he went out to the car the other boys were first shocked and then:

C: Wow!  Hi Spike.

Z: Mom, can we call him that now?

A: No!  My name is Adam!

C: He's a porcupine, named Spike!

A: Stop it!

Z: He kinda is.

A: My hair is now a weapon!  I warn you stop or I will spike you!

Everything becomes a weapon for boys.  Absolutely EVERYTHING!

Introducing.........our Porcupine......

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  1. Hi Ari! Love these pictures of your big-little guy. This is a great memory for all of you.
    These days go so quickly. I love that you are treasuring the moments. You are a great mom. Love you! xoxo Dorothy