Thursday, March 14, 2013

Castle Crashers....Worse content than Mine Craft

School work goes so much faster when my children are bribed with some sort of time on the Xbox.  This morning we have finished school and the boys have discovered a new game, Castle Crashers.  I have heard all sorts of comments from the boys while playing Mine Craft including:

Eat the zombie flesh.

Stop killing me.

That's what you get for killing too many pigs.

This morning I had new are you kidding me thoughts as I watched them play Castle Crashers.

Me:  Is that cat throwing up hair balls at you guys?

Zach: Yup!  There is bat that poops on us too.

Oh goodie.  This game is the perfect game for little kids into potty humor.

Me: Are you guys fighting over the princess?

Zach: Yeah, see we have to battle all together and then we have to fight each other to get the prize. Then unfortunately you have to kiss the prize.  That's so nasty.

Me: Okay so let me get this straight, after you have been pooped on, and puked on you get to fight for the princess to kiss you. 


I'm sorry that's just wrong.  On so many levels can I go to the wrongness of this game. But to hear all the boys playing the same game together laughing....Priceless. But still wrong. 

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