Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At the dentist there is never a dull moment.

Over the years I have posted many things to face book and even recently to my blog.  The dentist is a major source of anxiety.  Not just my anxiety but Corbin's and the whole dental staff's.  The last few visits to the dentist have been anticlimactic.  Thank God!  No screaming till the dentist has to put in ear plugs and we leave the office in a sopping sweaty mess (no joke he would be drenched in sweat every time we left.) 

Today we went to have another tooth crowned for Mr. C.  Poor guy just can't catch a break.  As we are waiting for the tooth bugs to go to sleep the Assistant asked Corbin what he would like to watch on TV and started flipping through the channels.  When she gets to the Golf Channel, my child says there!  I want to watch golf.  The woman looks at me for clarification and I just shook my head, I don't know what he's doing.  She asked him if he really wanted to watch golf.

C:  Yeah, I watch golf all the time with my mom and my friend.

Really?  Then who's that guy on the screen?

C:  Oh him, that's Tiger Woods, he's the best golfer ever.

The assistant looked at me and I was just trying not to laugh.  Who knew he was actually watching the golf channel.  Yes its on in the house on occasion but I never thought he was paying attention to it let alone learning the names of the players and their rankings.  Some days that boy scares me. Guess I'm glad its the Golf Channel we are watching and not CSI, or something worse that would stick in that little guys brain. 


  1. Hi Ari!
    Just want to tell you again how much I enjoy reading your adventures with the boys as you share them in your blog. The golf channel! Really?? I'm just shaking my head, too. You know, I bet Corbin will be a good golfer one day! :0)
    Sending you and your dear ones a big hug today.
    Love, Dorothy

  2. Yes the Golf Channel. It was so funny. The nurses kept saying they were so glad Corbin was their first client of the day due to the laughter factor. Love you too!