Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty....

What an amazing Christmas season.  Almost completely free of any major drama, the boys learned that two Christmas's might be to their advantage, no one died on my birthday, and a quiet new years!

The boys were particularly excited about the gift they got from my favorite guy (who isn't related to me).  He brought them two kitties.  Smokey and Toni.  We welcomed them to the family exuberantly and then let them outside and......they were gone.  Smart kitties ran for the hills like a fire was chasing them, and Corbin was. 

Fortunately, they are smart kitties all the way around, later that night they reappeared when food appeared.  Though they promptly disappeared again when the food was gone. They return every night to eat and tease us with allowing a slight touch and then they are gone again.  Hey, I've had worse pets!

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