Monday, January 7, 2013

Concussions and the Neutering of Cats

I love having my boys home.  They give me such joy, love and blog fodder.  Tonight is no exception.  No, not at all. After retrieving them from their dad's house we spent the afternoon getting their skype, mine craft and Internet fix.  While we are getting ready for shower time Zachary decided to get his phone off the top bunk of his bed.  As he was retrieving his phone he slipped and fell cracking his head on the small table in the boys room.  The goose egg right behind his ear was nothing short of spectacular!  Really, it was blue and a lump that protruded almost an half inch to inch from his head.

Needless to say, I called his father to ask for the signs of a concussion and to let him know that his son was pretending to be an acrobat again. When I didn't get a hold of him I spoke with my favorite guy who looked up for me the symptoms of a concussion. Then Zach's dad called back and gave me a few more to look for.  Goodie for me I get to shine a light in my child's eyes.  I iced his head and shined the light in his eyes, maybe more than once for good measure and proceeded to have the following conversation:

We are going to have to catch the kitties to fix them.

Z: What do you mean fix them?

I mean make it so they can't have babies/

Z: Oh like the do to bulls?

What's that?

Z:  When they are done having babies they cut their balls off.

I prefer a different term for that but it pretty much sums the act up.

Z:  Oh and when they are done cutting them off they eat them.

We are not eating cat balls.

Z:  Yeah, I didn't think so that's gross.

Ya think?

Z:  Yup.

When I texted his father to let him know that he was okay and our conversation his only response to me was:
Great. Glad his is coherent.

A normal day in an abnormal life.  Yup that's my life.  Some days even my own family can't believe the things that happen. Believe it or not I live through stuff that fiction can't even touch.

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